Personal injury claims requires the expertise of an Accident Lawyers to achieve a maximum compensation.  The Conditional Fee Agreement also known as No Win No Fee simplifies the claiming process. It allows the client to pursue personal injury claims on the condition that if the case is unsuccessful, he will not pay the lawyer. The insurance company will cover the costs and expenses. If the case is successful, he will get 100% compensation for his claim. The lawyer will receive the normal fee plus a success fee.


According to an expert Accident Lawyers, compensation for car accidents claim can be:


  1. Lost income

–          You are entitled to claim for the loss of income due to inability to work caused by the injury.


  1. Cost of medical treatment for your injury

–          You are entitled to claim for all the medical expenses during treatment.


  1. Nursing expense

–          It covers expenses for professional nursing assistance.


  1. Care and assistance expense

–          It covers the expenses for the care and assistance provided by your family member or friend.


  1. Compensation for vehicle collision damage

–          This covers the costs of repair for the damage vehicle. Several factors are considered like the age, mileage and condition of the car.


  1. Cost of hire of vehicle

–          You are entitled to claim the expense of a hire vehicle.


  1. Loss of use of vehicle

–          In case you opted not to use hire a vehicle, you are entitled to claim an amount of cash based on a daily rate.


  1. Vehicle credit repair hire

–          It covers expenses for vehicle and credit repair hire.


  1. Vehicle recovery expense

–          It covers the cost of expenses when your car is towed from the scene of the accident to the storage unit.


  1. Vehicle storage expense

–          It covers the storage expenses whilst waiting to be repaired.


  1. Loss fuel in the tank

–          You are entitled to bring a claim for the cost of the fuel that was in the tank during the accident.


  1. Travel expenses

–          It covers all the travel expenses you have incurred like trips to the doctor’s office or hospital.


Compensation for personal injuries depends on the severity of the injury, duration of pain and recovery period of the claimant. Accident Lawyers plays an important role in assisting claimants for personal injury. It is important to choose the right lawyer in bringing compensation for car accidents claim.