Accidents are usually unexpected. If you were involved in accident that was not your fault, you can obtain personal injury compensation.


Here is list of frequently asked questions that will help you Claim for Injury.


Can I file a work accident claim against my employer?

People who experienced an accident at work and suffered injury due to the negligence of a colleague or employer can file a work accident claim. Failure of the employer to provide a safe environment and the right equipment at work entitles an individual to bring a Claim for Injury.


What important things do I need to know about Accident Compensation Claim?

Being involved in car accident is stressful for pedestrians, drivers or passengers whether the injury is slight or serious. One can obtain a car accident claim if the other driver caused the accident. The insurer of the person responsible for the accident will shoulder the cost of the claim and pay the compensation.


Who is liable for medical negligence? 

Doctors, surgeons, nurses and other healthcare professionals are liable for medical negligence if they failed to adhere to the high standard of care. A patient who suffered injury due to medical negligence or clinical negligence can claim for compensation.


What is a Public Liability Claims?

A Public Liability Claim compensates for the injury suffered due to the negligence of the owner. Public places include schools, restaurants, supermarkets and retails stores. In order to bring a claim for public liability, a person needs to provide details of the accident and injury together with the details of the premises.


Can I bring a Claim for Injury against local councils due to trips and slips?

The highway authorities and local councils are responsible for the maintenance of footpaths and roads. A person who tripped on the pavement can claim for injury due to the negligence of the officials.


What is a Whiplash Injury Claim?

A Whiplash Injury Claim is the most common type of personal injury during a road traffic accident. Whiplash is a range of injuries to the neck caused by a sudden jolt or movement. Symptoms of whiplash include pain and stiffness in the neck, headache and pain in the shoulders, arms or lower back. Based on the data from the British Insurers it is estimated that 200,000 people endure whiplash in the United Kingdom yearly.


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