Are you looking for personal injury claims? Do you want to Claim for Injury? Who are the specialists in personal injury claims? Read on and find out about personal injury claims.


Personal injury refers to the injury affecting the body, mind or emotions. It can be physical injury or psychological injury or illness. You can Claim for Injury caused by an accident that is not your fault. Accidents Direct has experts in personal injury claims. We process accident claims that include:


  1. Work Accident Claims

–          You can claim for injury if you were injured at work due to the negligence of your employer or co-worker. Work accident claims include building and construction, factory and office claims. You are entitled to make a claim whether you work for an agency or you are a contractor on a site. It is important to provide the details of the accident and injury plus the details of your employer.


  1. Road Accident Claims

–          If you have been involved in a vehicular accident due to the fault of another driver, then you are entitled to make a Claim for Injury. Drivers owe a duty of care to other users of the road. Accident Direct deals with a variety of road traffic accident claims which include motorcycles, cars, buses, cyclists and pedestrians. Two important things are needed in processing the claim: First, the details of the accident and injury. Second, the details of the vehicles involved. In absence of the aforementioned documents, the police reference number will be sufficient.


  1. Public Liability Claims

–          You are entitled to Claim for Injury if you were injured on public premises due to the negligence of the owner. Accident Direct specializes in public liability claims. Examples of public premises include schools, restaurants, supermarkets and retails stores. You need to provide the details of the accident and injury with details of the premises.


  1. Trips and Slips

–          You can make a claim if you suffer a fall. For example, if you were involved in an accident due to a defective pathway.


  1. Medical Negligence

–          You can Claim for Injury against your doctor if he was negligent during your treatment and it caused you injury.



If you have been badly injured through no fault at your own and you think you deserve compensation for it, please free to call Accidents Direct helpline on 0800 0199 299.